Money for nothing

Oktober 2017

While Venture Capital Funding activity has revealed its first signs of slow-down, the importance of grants and publicly co-financed financial instruments is increasingly relevant for boosting early-stage startup scene and through that, innovation in Europe. The European and national funding landscape provides numerous non-payable as well as repayable financing options to help taking the startup ideas to the market, diversified by industries, types of projects / companies or funding purpose. Not only can finding suitable funding in such variety be a challenge, but also meeting the eligibility thresholds for accessing finance.

Ingo Bunzeck will explain in 7 easy steps how to get from the ‘idea to grant’ while organizing the growth process and establishing the mindsets which nurture development of concepts into viable business models – the secret to securing funding from public instruments. You will have an opportunity to test your business innovation project idea’s suitability for funding. 

Interested? We warmly welcome you!

Please note that the workshop is offered in English.

Oktober 2017
2 Stunden
Platz der Einheit 2
60327 Frankfurt am Main